• 12/12/2016
    ​More than 400 researchers and senior leaders from across Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) attended the healthcare provider’s Annual Research Day 2016 on 7 December at the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel.

    Organized by HMC’s Medical Research Center, the theme for this year’s event was ‘Bridging the Gap between Research and Innovation in Patient Care’. During his opening address, Professor Ibrahim A. Janahi, Executive Director of Research at HMC, stressed the importance of this theme. “Each year, Annual Research Day provides a valuable opportunity to look back on our achievements and celebrate the high quality research that goes on across HMC,” said Prof. Janahi. 

    “Today we have a chance to discuss strategy at a national level for research and innovation so that we can build HMC’s research strength, harness opportunities for collaboration and spread the culture of innovation throughout HMC,” he said.

    “It is vital that our researchers understand the importance of ensuring their studies are undertaken with the direct aim of translating the findings into delivering improved care for patients,” Prof. Janahi explained.

    Following Prof Janahi’s opening remarks, delegates heard from Prof. William McKenna, Chief Executive Officer of the Heart Hospital and Head of HMC’s Academic Health System. “Academic health is central to our healthcare vision at HMC, which at its core combines innovative research, top-class education and excellent clinical care,” said Prof. McKenna.

    “It is wonderful to look back today on our research successes, but we must also look forward and use this opportunity to ensure we are all working towards our common goal – of enabling research to play a central role in delivering the highest standards of care for our patients,” he added.

    The event’s agenda also included a panel discussion, with representatives from Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar Science and Technology Park, and Qatar Foundation. The theme for the discussion, ‘Building Qatar's Research and Innovation Ecosystem’, highlighted the need for an integrated approach to building a strong research culture across Qatar – one that is geared towards national needs.

    “This year’s Annual Research Day featured many new awards, recognizing the outstanding contributions of researchers at HMC. The nominations for the prestigious ‘Distinction in Research’ awards were scientifically and strategically assessed by international reviewers. Applications in other categories were assessed by reviewers inside Qatar. The best candidates were picked based on the resulting score analysis and strategic review. We were delighted to see a good number of quality applications for the first year of these new awards – a clear sign that our research culture is strengthening,” commented Sunitha Shyam, Corporate Research Grants Manager.

    Annual Research Day 2016 award winners included:
    • Best Hospital for Research, 2015: Hamad General Hospital
    • Distinction in Research – Individual: Dr. Talal Ibrahim, Senior Consultant, Orthopedic, Surgery Department, Hamad General Hospital
    • Distinction in Research – Team: Rheumatology Team , Hamad General Hospital
    • Excellence in Basic Research: Dr. Shahab Uddin Khan, Academic Research Scientist, iTRI, Academic Health System
    • Excellence in Clinical Research: Dr. Saad J. Taj-Aldeen, Clinical Scientist, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
    • Excellence in Health Services Science Research: Prof. Adeel Ajwad Butt, Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs, Department of Medicine
    • Promising Young Researcher: Dr. Tariq Osman Saeed Abbas, Specialist, Surgery Department, Hamad General Hospital
    • Promising Resident / Research Fellow: Dr. Abduljabbar Alhammoud, Medical Resident, Medical Education
    • Best Publication Award: Beneficial Effects of Implementing Stroke Protocols Require Establishment of a Geographical Distinct Unit