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A journey towards standardization of outcome measures in children with cerebral palsy
Lead Author: Joel Anison, Organization: Hamad Medical Corporation 

A method to implement POCT devices & connectivity within ideal time
Lead Author: Jaham Shada Habib Said, Organization: Heart Hospital - HMC 

A multifactor examination of nursing job satisfaction at Rumailah Hospital
Lead Author: Johncy Paulose, Organization: Rumailah Hospital - HMC 

A nurse led clinical pathway for dialysis vascular access dramatically improves outcomes
Lead Author: Thandiwe Ngcobo, Organization: SEHA Dialysis Services.Abu Dhabi, UAE 

A paradigm shift from blame to fair just culture - a Middle East hospital experience
Lead Author: Mamoon Ibrahim Abu Haltem, Organization: Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, UAE 

A project on improving hospital discharge planning
Lead Author: Arlene Daclison, Organization: Taiba Hospital, Kuwait 

A project on improving the adherence to hand hygiene among TAIBA doctors
Lead Author: Aziza Zaghloul, Organization: Taiba Hospital, Kuwait 

Achieving maximum potential together using interdisciplinary approach in acute care rehabilitation
Lead Author: Jisha Elizabeth Mathew, Organization: Hamad Medical Corporation 

Active methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) screening for elective cesarean section surgeries in Al Wakra Hospital
Lead Author: Amna Khalifa Tellisi, Organization: Al Wakra Hospital - HMC 

Acute geriatric service: a simple innovation that has made big difference
Lead Author: Hanadi Al Hamad, Organization:Hamad Medical Corporation 

An innovative NICU parent support programme to improve parental coping
Lead Author: Roshna Abdul Jaleel, Organization: Hamad Medical Corporation 

CCITP, the Qatari experience of engaging clinicians in clinical quality
Lead Author: Shakil Ahmed, Organization: HMC-MARA 

Central line blood stream infections in CCU
Lead Author: Sonimol Chandy, Organization: King Fahad Medical City 

Changing nursing practice
Lead Author: Merry-Jo Levers, Organization: University of Calgary - Qatar 

Cold chain international regulations in HMC
Lead Author: Tarek Khary, Organization: Hamad Medical Corporation 

Comparison and ranking of quality improvement training expectations of healthcare staff
Lead Author: Ihab Seoudi, Organization: Hamad Medical Corporation 

Congestive heart failure
Lead Author: Hajer Abdulla, Organization: Hamad Medical Corporation 

COPD patients’ satisfaction with the quality and methods of current delivered information by health care providers at Hamad Medical Corporation; focused insight into patients' voice to improve quality of services
Lead Author: Mouath Al-Tamimi, Organization: Kingston University & St. Georges's University of London 

Cost analysis of bedside percutaneous tracheostomy for effective resource utilization in trauma intensive care unit: HMC experience
Lead Author: Ashok Parchani, Organization: Hamad General Hospital 

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