About the Symposium

The full-day, in-person symposium aims to provide information and experiences designed to improve knowledge and skills of simulationists from any background or level of experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn not only from experts in the field, but also from their peers as this year’s symposium highlights the first-time inclusion of abstracts submitted by those interested in sharing their experiences. These presentations could include an innovative idea, publication, conference experience, research proposal or results, simulation design, facilitating strategy or other ideas of interest to the community. The symposium focuses on a wide variety of simulation modalities and how to determine which is most appropriate to use, as well as how to facilitate, prebrief, and debrief or provide feedback using that modality. A case study approach will be used to share how to find resources related to simulation challenges as well as how to navigate toward certification. The symposium concludes with presentations on how simulation has impacted healthcare in Qatar.

Overall Objectives

Following participation in the symposium, attendees will be able to:  

  1. Discuss benefits and limitations of various simulation modalities.
  2. Utilize learning resources to fill their gaps in knowledge, skills, and attitudes on simulation topics.
  3. Identify common interests and gain new ideas from simulationists throughout Qatar.