Dr. Dorothea Wild                                               

Dr. Dorothea Wild is an experienced physician, physician leader, teacher, and researcher. She obtained her MD in Germany and trained in both Germany and the US. She holds board certifications in Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Palliative Care. She also obtained an MPH from Yale in Health Management, and served at Griffin Hospital as Associate Residency Program Director for the Combined Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Until 2013, Dorothea was the President of the Griffin Faculty Practice Plan. In this role, she  was instrumental in hardwiring patient-centeredness in the inpatient and outpatient setting among Griffin physicians. Dorothea has helped in implementing and evaluating several curricula for physicians in training in patient-centered care, the patient-centered medical home, health literacy, preventive medicine, and cultural competency. Dorothea has published extensively in peer-reviewed literature, and is co-author of a best-selling textbook on epidemiology, biostatistics, and preventive medicine. Dorothea also contributed to the Patient Centered Improvement Field Guide. For her efforts in making the Planetree Approach more accessible for physicians, she was named as a member of the Planetree Physician Advisory Council.

Dorothea continues to practice as a physician. In addition, Dorothea is working in Germany to build the Planetree Network there. She consults with healthcare organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium and has provided training in patient-centered care in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Kenya, and Turkey. In her role at Planetree, Dorothea works on engaging physicians in patient-centered care, developing Curricula on patient-centered care, and building the evidence-base for the Planetree Approach.
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