Forum Tracks

Innovation in Person-Centered Care Practice

We stand on the threshold of a new age of healthcare delivery. Recreating our vision of PCC and its central role in a compassionate, value-based system of care delivery is both our challenge and opportunity. We can continue to build on innovations that emerged from the global pandemic and rebuild functional aspects of PCC that need our support and attention.

Presentations in this track will include topics related to: AI and Digital Healthcare, Healthcare Delivery Redefined - Hospital at Home, and Experience Design for Moments - Our Post Covid Reality.

Compassion – Empathy in Action

How do you demonstrate and enculturate compassion and empathy into all aspects of the healthcare experience? This track will highlight the importance of compassion in driving a true Person-Centered culture. It will also explore practical approaches for embedding compassion in healthcare delivery to meet both patients' and caregivers’ expressed desires for empathic and respectful human interactions.

Presentations in this track will include topics related to: Evidence base for caring and kindness, Approaches to Creating Diversity-Equity-Inclusion in Healthcare, and Compassion through Ages and Stages - Pediatric through Geriatric.

Partnership and Co-designing Care

How can we elevate our organizational culture and improvement activities to exceed the goals and aspirations for a Person-Centered care healthcare experience? This track will introduce new strategies for cultivating staff engagement, supporting workforce wellness, integrating the patient voice and experience into the full journey of improvement activities, and fostering a culture of supportive teamwork that emphasizes partnership, collaboration, and co-design.

Presentations in this track will include topics related to: Transformative Approaches to Care Partners, Capturing the Voice of Patients beyond Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFACs), Partnership with Communities beyond Four Walls, and Workforce Wellness.