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Dr. Amal Abdulla Al-Ali

Family physician - PHCC

DR. AMAL ABDULLA AL-ALI is an equally dedicated and passionate Family physician who has been working professionally in the field since 2009 under Primary Health Care Corporation. She is fully competent and enthusiastic in her core fields of interests, including: Clinical Family Medicine, Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management, and Health Professions Education.

Her educational background includes a series of professional degrees from high-profile institutions. Some of these are: M.Sc. in Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management from RCSI-Ireland; M.Sc. in Health Professions Education from Maastricht University, the Netherlands; and an Arab Board Specialization in Family Medicine, HMC-Qatar. In addition, she is certified as the Quality Improvement Trainer Level 1 and 2 from FICS, Canada and had Fellowship from The International Society for Quality in Health Care (FISQua).

In the specific field of Quality improvement and patient safety, Dr. Amal assumes regularly the role as leader, supervisor , and coach for current on-going and completed Quality improvement initiatives/projects in the topic of Diabetes, vaccination, accuracy of documentation, medication reconciliation, etc. She also regularly updates her knowledge in Risk Management and patient safety by attending regional and international workshops, conferences and symposiums. Dr. Al-Ali is currently undertaking a Master Degree in Healthcare Risk Management.

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