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Hans Kerkkamp MD. PhD.

Executive director program development

Hans Kerkkamp was trained as a Medical Doctor and specialized in anaesthesia and intensive care in the Netherlands (NL). He practiced anaesthesia in Academic and General teaching hospital hospitals in the Netherlands. In 2002 he was appointed as Professor in Anaesthesia at the University Medical Hospital in Utrecht (UMCU), The Netherlands. He was chair of the Division Peri-operative care including operating theatre complex, ICU, ED, pain treatment. He was chairman of the Dutch National Society of Anaesthesiologists (NVA). In his role as chair he was focussed on the improvement of quality and safety in anaesthetic practice. He developed, in collaboration with the National Society of Medical Specialists, a system for quality control by using performance indicators for health care delivery.
In 2007 Hans became a Board member of a General Top-Clinical Hospital (Atrium MC) in the Netherlands (> 1200 beds). He was responsible for clinical performance, medical education and teaching, quality and safety, innovation and research. He introduced many quality and safety systems at Atrium MC: clinical audits, dashboard for quality control, system for safety in surgery (business redesign), lean management at wards (productive ward), clinical pathways, etc. Many quality improvement activities were related to the concept of patient centred care. Other activities he developed and implemented were decision making in oncology, care guarantees and online patient experience measurement systems. All these activities did result in an improvement of patient satisfaction and patient outcome.

In January 2015 he was appointed at the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar. Working as an executive director program development he is responsible for the development and implementation of quality and patient safety programs. Aligned with the Qatar National Health Strategy II he has developed a HMC Employee Wellbeing strategy and operational program. The program is based on the identification of life style health risks and offering intervention and support programs for mitigation of these health risks.

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