Call for Abstracts

The Scientific Committee of the 8th Qatar International Psychiatry and Mental Health Conference is now accepting online submissions of abstracts for workshop, oral and poster presentations to be presented during the conference, from 5 to 7 December 2019 in Doha, Qatar.

Guidelines & Instructions 

Please read and follow the information below carefully
  • Abstract submissions for workshops should be by experts in the topic concerned. 
  • Abstract submissions for an oral presentation should be for project work that is either complete or will be complete by the conference date.
  • All abstracts must be submitted using the official conference online abstract submission form.
  • Use the online submission form to submit the contact information for the presenter / lead author and co-presenters / co-authors, sources of funding, and whether the submission represents a student’s project. 
  • The abstract submitted should not exceed 350 words and should not include authors and organizations in the text.
  • Proposals for presentations of each format (workshop, oral or poster) must identify the presenting author(s) as the main contact. 
  • The presenting author information should not be included in the content of the abstract itself but should be listed as such in the abstract submission form.
  • All workshop presenters accepted through the abstract submission process must register to attend but will receive up to three complimentary access passes (one lead presenter and supporting presenters or facilitators); they are however responsible for their own related expenses. 
  • All oral presenters accepted through the abstract submission process must register to attend but will receive a complimentary access pass; they are however responsible for their own related expenses. 
  • If the accepted presenter invites additional speakers to present with them at the conference, they must also register and pay to attend the conference. 
  • For workshop and oral presentations, please be sure to note specific requirements or considerations for presenting when submitting your abstract online.
  • Poster presenters will be eligible to register at the discounted poster presenter rate, 
  • Approved poster presenters are responsible to deliver the poster directly to the conference venue and set their poster up at the allocated site before the opening ceremony on the conference eve. Posters will need to be kept on display for the duration of the whole conference and must be removed by the author at the end of the last conference day.
  • Please note that the system will only allow entering up to 10 co-authors to be added via the online form 
  • Transport and accommodation costs will not be covered by HMC and presenters / authors are responsible for their own travel arrangements.
Additional hints and tips
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts an author can submit; however, the number of accepted oral presentations may be limited for each presenter. Groups of authors are therefore encouraged to share presenting responsibilities.
  • Accepted abstracts will be posted on the conference website and will be visible to a wider audience.
  • Names of authors and organizations must not appear in the text of the abstract.
  • Avoid specialized jargon and undefined abbreviations. Do not include tables, figures, diagrams, footnotes, references, or acknowledgements in the text of the abstract.
  • More details regarding registration and responsibilities as a presenter will be provided upon acceptance of the abstracts for the conference.
  • The conference office will aim to meet all reasonable requests for audio-visual equipment, based on the type and duration of the presentation. Upon acceptance, the conference secretariat will confirm audiovisual support details for your presentation.
  • Abstracts submitted for oral presentation that are not accepted may be considered for poster presentations, subject to review by the Abstract Review Committee.
  • Please do not submit your title or abstract using only capital letters. These will be automatically corrected which may lead to errors.
  • It is incumbent on all presenters / authors to ensure the validity of the data they present and to ensure that they are authorized to present the information at the conference.