Abstracts of Oral and Poster Presentations

Nahid M. Elhassan

Child sexual abuse is a known problem over the world. According to Darkness to Light American organization; 1 in 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18; 1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 18; 1 in 5 children are solicited sexually while on the internet.
In our Arab communities, issue of child sexual abuse is still a taboo, with little research done in the field, and much work still needs to be done in order to understand and manage the problem. My talk is going to address the management of child sexual abuse trauma through play therapy.
 Sexual abuse affects children differently according to their abuse experiences, severity, disclosure, help and support available, and child resilience with so many other different factors. We see myriad symptoms in our children and teens clients from lack of trust in family members, depression, anxiety, anger, defiant, hypervigilant, nightmares, fear, low self-esteem, and difficulties in self-regulation, etc.  Through using Flexible Sequential Play Therapy model, this talk is going to describe different components of trauma, how to enhance safety and security, assessment and augmentation of coping strategies, soothing the physiology, increasing emotional literacy, play based gradual exposure, addressing the thought life and making positive meaning of the post trauma self.