Abstracts of Oral and Poster Presentations

Ahmad Al Ansari

Symptoms of ADHD persist into adolescence and adult life with different degrees. Many adolescents with ADHD showed antisocial behavior and low educational achievement, this issue has not been validated in the Arabic region.
We assessed the global functioning and behavior of children with ADHD growing up to adolescence 10 years following their initial diagnoses. Children with ADHD were evaluated 10-12 years following their diagnosis. Parents mostly mothers answered a questionnaire, completed Conner's short version test, and researchers filled the Children Global Assessment Scale (C-GAS) form for Global functioning.
Nearly half of the sample's had low academic achievement and 36% admitted to have no friends. Another quarter of cases were smokers but only one case admitted abusing drugs and one more attempted suicide. One third of the sample continued to have ADHD symptoms.
In conclusion, adolescents with ADHD shared the same findings regarding school performance and peer relationships with published reports, but different representations with regards to drug use, suicide and other impulsive, behavior reasons for the above were discussed. A follow up study into adult life using control group was recommended.