1. Health Innovations:
Day 1: SpineCor brace, for pediatric and adult scoliosis.
Day 2: SacroFix, new surgical treatment for mechanical and pregnancy-induced pelvic girdle pain.

Ms. Ana, Dr. O. Ricart

2. Medtronic / Amico:
Day 1: Surgical treatment of scoliosis, using: Solera, PowerEase and Smart Link.
Day 2: Treatment of degenerative spine disease: Medtronic Quadrant retractor system, Capstone PMI and sextant II.

Dr. Brodzinski Zbigniew Janusz, Mr. Abdulkoddous, Mr. Manar

3. QDS
Day 1: MESA Deformity system
Day 2: MIS Serengeti system

Dr Khai Lam, Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco

4. Stryker:
Day 1 and Day 2: ES2 spine system for pedicle screw fixation

Dr. Firas Husban

5. Scientific Supply:
USS II system for spine fracture fixation
VIPER II system

Dr. Marcus Oliver Carter, Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco

6. Ausculap / Sedeer:
Day 1 and Day 2: Posterior spine fixation with XP cages

Dr. Morten Zabeitz Steiness, Mr. Kevin Aister

7. Live surgery video workshop to be presented by Dr. Mutaz Alhardallo