After your appointment

If you require a follow up appointment, this can be arranged for a clinically appropriate time. Please note that you will not be provided with your medical records after your appointment. You will be provided with any medication you need before you leave the hospital. Prescriptions can be collected from the hospital pharmacy immediately on departure (non-Qatari patients need to pay a fee for their medication).

Visiting the pharmacy

Pharmacy opening times: 7:00am–4:00pm and 5:30pm–9:30pm The normal procedure for collecting medications from the pharmacy differs for Qatari and non-Qatari patients. For Qatari patients:
Hand over your prescription to the counter dedicated to Qatari patients and collect your medications from the dispensing window
For non-Qatari patients:
Hand over your prescription to the pharmacy window and a prescription tag number will be issued
As per the tag number, payment should be made at the cash counter in the pharmacy
After payment, please present your receipt and patient health card to the pharmacy medication dispensing counter and collect your medication.

Billing and payment procedures for the pharmacy

Cash is the only accepted method of payment in the pharmacy.
Billing and payment procedures for Outpatient appointments
For Qatari patients:
No payments are required for Qatari patients for any procedures or appointments.
For non-Qatari patients:
Payments are required to be made for all appointments, cash payments are only accepted.
Comments, suggestions or complaints
Patient and Visitors Service Center representatives are available to address all your information needs and are your main point of contact with regards to making suggestions, comments or complaints. They are located at all entrances of the hospital. If you have a comment, complaint or compliment about your service or treatment, you can also fill out a comment card, available in each station of the Outpatient Department within Hamad General Hospital and drop it in any of the assigned drop boxes.