As a DHP-accredited CPD provider organization, HMC aims to deliver on its mission to provide high quality continuing professional education activities for physicians, academics and learners. In this respect, the Department of Medical Education works closely with the Department of Healthcare Professions - Accreditation Section (DHP-AS) of the Ministry of Public Health-Qatar to achieve accreditation for all continuing professional development (CPD) activities offered to healthcare practitioners. 

To accomplish our academic mission and objectives, the Department of Medical Education facilitates a wide range of CPD activities for healthcare professionals. Our ongoing educational activities contribute to lifelong learning and practice improvement. They help the organization improve system based practices and performance. They assist physicians to meet their requirements for the maintenance of certification and medical licensure. In addition, HMC collaborates with national, regional and international institutions to promote shared learning and best practice. 

It is noteworthy that our valuable learning activities aid personal and professional development through well-designed courses and workshops. A wide range of simulation activities are undertaken in the state of the art facility at the Itqan Simulation & Innovation Center. Furthermore, a novel toolkit package is made available for CPD organizers to deliver their activities in accordance with the DHP standards and HMC Policies, thus complementing our efforts to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our CPD program.
I thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to make our CPD program a big success. I encourage your contribution and participation in our journey to educational excellence.

Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal
Director of Medical Education