s. Nadya Al-Anzi
Executive Director
Private Nursing Services and Home Health Care Services

Ms. Nadya is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in healthcare, including in the community setting. She was one of the original team members who established the Home Healthcare Service (HHCS). HHCS was one of the first community services in the Middle East to be JCIA accredited and subsequently received reaccreditation in 2012 and 2015.

Ms. Nadya has been appointed as the new Executive Director of Nursing for Private Nursing Services department (PNS) and HHCS in her new role, she will be accountable for the professional leadership and development of nursing services across PNS department and HHCS. In this matter, she was able to establish PNS agency committee in partnership with the outsourcing agencies to monitor quality care and ensure that standardize quality of care is being provided to all the patients in the community. In addition to this, she and her team are working hard to obtain Person Centered Care Certification (PCC), initiating partnership between patient/patient’s family member, staff and leaders in delivering compassionate care in the community.

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