The Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement (CPESE) is focused in developing a framework to continuously improve the experience of every patient and to promote a culture of transformation and positive change within HMC.

One of the latest CPESE initiatives that aims to enhance patient and family experience is the Person-Centered Care Ambassadors Program.

This volunteering program is considered a unique chance for delivering patient-centered care and improving patient experience due to the following:

  1. PCC ambassadors is underpinned by the principles of person-centered care. A recent study has shown the beneficial outcomes associated with using volunteers to support person centered care programs in hospitals.
  2. The use of PCC ambassadors in health care settings is widespread and supportive to many organizations.
  3. The PCC ambassadors in hospitals has been shown to be cost effective and result in increased levels of patient satisfaction.
  4. Increasingly, the use of PCC ambassadors is being promoted as a supportive adjunct to care for patients.
  5. Consumer and care groups have also advocated using volunteer programs to support patients in hospitals.

Direct correlations have been found between formal volunteering and physical and mental health benefits of those who volunteer.

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