It is possible to reduce the impact of AD/eczema by controlling the trigger factors that “turn on” inflamed skin, or by “damping the flames” with anti-inflammatory therapies.

In the first instance the best action to take is to minimize exposure to triggers.

Nearly every person with AD has had tickly skin at some time. The reason the skin feels irritated is not known. What is known is that scratching or friction leads to even itchier skin. This is called the itch-scratch cycle. Scratching and rubbing irritates the skin and can cause or exacerbate the itchiness. Over time, scratching and rubbing may cause thickening of the skin.
  • Keep fingernails very short, smooth and clean to avoid harm from scratching
  • Use moisturizer when you feel itchy, as an alternative to scratching or rubbing
  • Apply medicines prescribed by your doctor
  • Keep your hands busy and away from the rash