Living with Eczema

For a small number of people, eczema is a life-long condition, but for the majority it is a condition of childhood that will diminish by adolescence but for any given child, it is difficult to predict how long they will have the condition.
Even if you grow out of eczema, the dry skin tendency often remains. Most people learn to use moisturizers to keep their dermatitis controlled. Occasional episodes of AD may occur during times of stress or with jobs that expose the skin to irritants and wet work.

Someone who has had eczema should avoid jobs that can injure the skin. Military service automatically excludes people with AD or asthma. Wet work in restaurants or hospitals is especially damaging to hands predisposed, by AD, to drying and cracking. Generally, it’s better to pick “clean” indoor work such as with people, computers, papers or books - given the choice.