Passive Smoking/Negative Smoking/Secondhand Smoke
Secondhand smoke is a real danger to other’s health, not just the smokers. There are three types of smoke emitted from smoking and tobacco use:
  • Smoke emitted directly from the tip of a lit cigarette
  • Smoke emitted from the smoker’s mouth
  • Mixed smoke from both types mentioned above

All these types can be emitted from cigarettes, pipes or shishas and they are dangerous and harmful to the health of both smokers and non-smokers. It should be noted that smoke emitted from the tip of the cigarette is the most harmful to secondhand smokers, because it is not passing through the filter tip. Similarly, this also applies to smoke emitted after passing through the filter, even if some of the toxin levels are less. It still contains more than 4,700 chemical components, 40 of which are carcinogenic to animals and humans and can harm the body and environment.