• 5/28/2018

    Al Wakra Hospital holds Ramadan Workshops for Patients with Diabetes

    In advance of the start of Ramadan, the National Diabetes Center at Al Wakra Hospital hosted workshops for patients planning to fast during the Holy Month. With sessions in both English and Arabic, the workshops took place on the evening of 15 May and covered a variety of topics related to fasting with diabetes, including the importance of not making changes to medication regimes without medical supervision, the potential complications of fasting with diabetes, and steps to take in the case of diabetic emergencies, such as low or high blood sugar.

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    • 4/29/2018

    HMC Advising Patients with Medical Conditions to Consult their Doctor before Fasting

    With Ramadan approaching, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is urging patients with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, to speak with their doctor before beginning a fast. Specialists from across the healthcare provider’s network of hospitals say it is imperative that patients seek professional advice before making any changes to their diet and medication regimes.

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