What do we do?

For patients, families and survivors

Your optimized QoL and balanced wellbeing defines our scope of service and role. It was designed through our “need analysis research” that identified the deviation in your life as a result of disease. In order to empower you to normalize your life during and after your treatment and regain control over it, we offer our support with no limitations to our scope. 

As evidence-based medical practice requires that you live as normal as possible and it is our duty to consider all aspects of your life during treatment. We treat you clinically, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, financially and vocationally. We see you as a cherished human being with a family and needs rather than a case or a problem. Through a two-way communication we empower you by providing information, awareness, knowledge about your disease, treatment and side effects and receive your feedback about what is important to you. We use our experience to anticipate problems or issues you might get and explain them to you and work in advance to resolve or prevent them. 

At the hospital we advocate for your rights and choices and in the community we channel the community support to you through sponsoring grants, allowances and social responsibilities. 

For staff and colleagues

As colleagues, we made your empowerment our mission. You are the forefront line in the battle against cancer and as such your communication of experiences and difficulties is a key to success. We carefully listen to you and your unique perspective to find and establish a collaboration that is most successful in meeting the challenges you face. It is a limitless collaboration of opportunities that spans a simple educational session, through finding best evidence for practice and in tailoring career advancement for you. 

Your own strength is a key to better patient care and our team strength is all yours to benefit from. All findings of our research and collaborating networks are available to serve your advancement and drive to excel in life. 

For the community

As members of the Qatari community, we strongly believe in empowering the Qatari and expat community to do what they can for patients in whichever way they desire. In a culture like Qatar it could be considered as a ZAKAT; i.e. to pay from one’s health to help improving the health of someone in need. From an expat culture point of view it could represent a respect and honoring of human beings in need, both of which fulfil the sense of honoring our responsibility and duty towards our community that we cherish, adore and respect.

Indeed, the community support represents at least 25 percent of the supporting milieu that no other entity could satisfy. In QoL, we address this in two distinct ways; bringing the community to patients and bringing patients to the community. 

We bring the community to patients through our two regular events; the friendship and the talent initiatives (see below). We actively recruit volunteers to help with these two programs that we organize.

On a wider level, we have an outreach team that identifies activities organized by the community and facilitates inviting patients to these activities while ensuring their safety during participation. 

Our outreach team also seeks essential support from all governmental and non-governmental organizations including institutes, embassies, universities, schools, companies, forums, unions and clubs. 

One of our major collaborators is the Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) where we capitalize on the combined efforts to engage all interested organizations to support cancer patients.