Quality of Life clinical services aim at optimizing healing across all domains of patients and their family’s lives. The process that is known as “Normalizing life” is currently the standard of care of all cancer patients and in QoL we bridge the gaps between current practice and the need to normalize life.

We have established our vision, mission and objectives around a holistic approach to patients’ healthcare. Not only do we care for patients, but we also include staff and community in our scope of service. Those who are willing to volunteer to help cancer patients and members of the community who are looking for innovative solutions can channel these through collaborating with the QoL team. Organizations can also collaborate to establish a state of the art partnership to support and sponsor cancer patients.

We take the QoL extra steps further via auditing and researching activities to ensure their performance and explore innovative frontiers for interdisciplinary care.

There are multiple ways to contact us and a flexible structure exists to facilitate the participation of everyone willing to participate and support.