The PNS providing nursing provision in the community 12/7- 24/7 hours in collaboration with the outsourcing agencies to all Qatari patient regardless of age and financial status:

  1. Patient on mechanical ventilator/ tracheostomy care/ oxygen therapy
  2. Palliative care/ End of Life
  3. Bedridden patient with complex long-term condition
  4. IV medication
  5. Wound care management.
  6. ADL e.g. personal care
  7. Seizure disorder monitoring
  8. Medication Management and reconciliation
  9. Dementia Care
  10. Catheter Care
  11. Gastric Tube Care
  12. Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Our nurses are licensed healthcare professionals who are well trained and are been assessed prior to be assigned to patient care.

Requesting for Nursing Provision

Request for Nursing Provision are as follows:

  1. PNS office
  2. Through M.D. Office
  3. Apply online through PNS website

Requirements to request for Nursing provision:

  1. Latest Medical report (not less than 6 months)
  2. Copy of QID
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate

Case Conference and Eligibility assessment will be done within three (3) working days of receiving the request.

Patients who are not eligible for Private Nursing Service will be informed regarding the assessment outcome via SMS.

If the patient is considered eligible, they will be admitted to PNS. Acknowledgement form will be signed by patient/responsible family member.

The average length of care provision is depending on the complexity of the case, after which the patient’s condition is reassessed or they will be discharged.

Contact details:


Contact number: 40253209
Our office is located at HBKMC bldg. 318 1st floor