About Private Nursing Services

PNS is a member of Hamad Medical Corporation, operating as a division of continuing care group, composing of professional nurses rendering compassionate holistic nursing care in community settings. Our services aim to meet patients’ needs, in partnership with Outsourcing agencies, patient/families, in order to ensure safe and high quality of patient care.

PNS has gone through different phases of transformation over several years. Formerly known as Palace duty, it was established under nursing department to provide care for the Royal families.

In 2014 our scope of services expanded to include all Qatari Patients needing nursing provision in the community.in this context HE Dr. Hanan Alkuwari guided the management team to change the name of the department from Palace Nursing to Private Nursing Services in 2015. From 2016 up to present PNS is under the care and guidance of Continuing Care Group.