​​ Professor Jeremy Chapman

Professor of Medicine at the University of Sydney  Chairman of DICG  Past President of the Transplantation Society 
Chair of the Global Alliance for Transplantation

Letter from Jeremy Chapman – President of Transplantation Society to Hanan Al Kuwari PhD, 22  November 2009

  “It [is] wonderful to see how you are shaping the healthcare system in Qatar and I look forward to  assisting you to develop the implementation of the Doha Donation Accord as a model for the GCC and  wider region.”​

Professor Francis L. Delmonico, ​M.D.

The Transplantation Society 
World Health Organization 
Advisory for Human Transplantation 
Professor of Surgery 
Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant 
Center, Boston, USA 
Medical Director 
New England Organ Bank

Francis L. Delmonico in a message to the TPM Course in December 2010: 

“The Doha Donation Accord is a very unique and important development for the organ donation and  transplantation community. It subscribes to principles that are founded not just by one culture, one  group of society, but it spans all cultures and all humanity. It goes to the equity and justice of organ  donation that can be provided for all patients; wherever they are from, residents benefit from the  wonder of organ transplantation. The Doha Donation Accord fulfills the principles of the WHO  guidelines and the Declaration of Istanbul.”

Mr. Walter Graham

Past President and CEO, UNOS-USA

A message to the audience in the launch event of the Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation, 27  November 2011 

 “I want to express my profound appreciation to Hamad Medical Corporation and the Supreme Council  of Health for involving us in developing the National Donor Registry and other projects to increase  donation and transplantation in Qatar. We are deeply honored to work with you in the development of  the Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation. This collaborative effort is the first time that the UNOS has  officially engaged in the development of a transplantation system outside of the United States and  Europe. During our recent visits to Doha, it was very clear that hospital and government leaders and  staff are deeply committed to improving and increasing organ donation and transplantation for all  those in need in Qatar.    

“Our recent review of the infrastructure, staff qualifications and training reveal a strong foundation  upon which to build a world-class national program. In that spirit, we have been looking forward to –  with your permission – raising our flag together with yours at the official opening of the center to date.  Congratulations on your leading efforts to advance donation and transplantation throughout the World."

Mr. Marti Manyalich, MD, PhD

Chief Coordinacio de Transplanaments  Hospital Clinic  Director DTI  Assoc.Prof. University of Barcelona, Spain

“I am happy to be here with you from Barcelona University. I am the Director of the Transplant  Procurement Management educational program. I was lucky the last year, thanks to the support of the  leaders and staff of Hamad Medical Corporation, to do our first advanced training course here in Qatar.  The course was very successful; we enjoyed the time that we have been together and the result was  that 45 of your staff got very good results and were granted the Advanced TPM Diploma. And as I  heard, they showed their experience in that the deceased donation rate is better now. Add this good  training program with the worldwide recognized Doha Donation Accord, and I think there will be a  great future for Qatar’s transplant program.”