The Qatar Organ Donation Center aims to be a leading regional centre of excellence in organ procurement management that exemplifies the vision of the Supreme Council of Health and Hamad Medical Corporation; to providing the highest standard of safe health care, ethical commitment, research and education; to lead the national efforts to increase organ donation and to be embraced by a wide international collaborative network.
  • Management and administration of all organ donation programs in Qatar
  • Ensure full Implementation of the Doha Donation Accord
  • Increase the supply of donated organs to achieve self-sufficiency
  • Ensure full Implementation of the moral values endorsed by the local and international regulatory guidelines like the DDA, Qatari Transplant Law 21 and World Health Oorganization guiding principles
  • Establish a national donor registry and develop the procedures for enlisting all potential deceased donors
  • Ensure effectiveness, efficiency and equity of organ and tissue allocation
  • Harbor the national transplant scientific registry that will be the database for future research plans
  • Be the national Qatari reference for future transplant centers, resourceful in updated clinical and administrative policies, protocols, guidelines and quality standards
  • Be the national licensing office of any new organ transplantation and donation programs in Qatar
  • Be the steward of the organ donation fund; covering expenses of donation as outlined in the Doha Donation Accord
  • Educating the community regarding organ donation and transplantation at all level of educational institutes and public arena
  • Arrangement of a master communication plan to promote organ donation and publicize the development in organ donation services in Qatar
  • Campaigning for organ donation and raising the awareness of the public on the hazards of organ trafficking and commercial transplantation
  • Staff education and training on organ donation and retrieval of organs
  • Preparation of an annual research plan 
  • Coordinates with international bodies to develop in Qatar projects that are needed to fulfill its mission
  • Organize local, regional and international conferences and scientific courses in the field of organ donation