“The DDA has become an internationally recognized model. It sets out governing policies and principles that provide the framework for organ donation programs aimed at promoting the health and rights of both donors and recipients, and govern the use of donors based on ethical standards.”
Dr Riadh Fadhil

The Doha Donation Accord (DDA)is a new model for honoring organ donors and the promotion of organ donation. The Accord was developed by HMC in accordance with the recommendations of the Declaration of Istanbul, WHO guiding principles​ and in collaboration with the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group & Transplantation Society (TTS). The primary objectives were to ensure increase of organ donation, optimal medical care of both donors and donors’ families, proper registration of donors, equitable allocation of organs, and the honoring of organ donors and their families.  

His Excellency the Minister of Health with the Doha Donation Accord Team and Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (17 November 2009) 

The Accord was then formally approved as part of Qatar’s national program by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser and the Supreme Council of Health in Qatar in August 2010. It was endorsed by the GCC Ministers of Health in February 2011. The DDA was instrumental in the development of organ donation and organ transplantation services, such as the Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation, the Qatar Center for Organ Donation (Hiba), the campaign for organ donation and collaboration with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS).