​Mission, Objectives & Target Audiences
Raise public awareness and influence behavior related to important health issues, with particular emphasis on improving individual and family health, safety and wellness within the State of Qatar.
  • To promote healthier lifestyles 
  • To influence those behaviors that affect the health and safety of everyone in the community (precaution, prevention and intervention) 
  • To create awareness of existing medical services and facilities offered by HMC 
  • To highlight the importance of corporate social responsibility
Target Audiences
  • General public - across all sectors of the community 
  • Community organizations (volunteers, members and parents) 
  • Primary schools (teachers, students and parents) 
  • Secondary schools (teachers, students and parents) 
  • Universities (teachers, students and parents) 
  • Clubs (coaches, members and parents) 
  • Public sector (employees and their families)