Hamad General Hospital

Acute Geriatric services: 
This service provides care for elderly patients admitted to Hamad General Hospital with acute medical conditions. These conditions may exacerbate existing chronic illnesses and frailty, requiring comprehensive geriatric care by geriatricians to manage acute illness as well as provide long-term healthcare management.  

Orthogeriatric Service at Hamad General Hospital: 
This collaborative service between Geriatricians and Orthopedic surgeons provides comprehensive care to frail older patients who have sustained a hip or any other fragility-related fracture. The service is designed to support patients prior to surgery and reduce the risk of geriatric syndromes, including better outcomes such as improved mobility for patients who receive multidisciplinary care and reduction in mortality risk.

Emergency department Geriatric Consultation service: 
Geriatrics consultation service is available to elderly patients presenting to Hamad Emergency department. The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment aims to help optimize medical care of these frail patients, as well as facilitate admission to the Acute Assessment Unit or long-term care for these patients, as needed after assessment.

Al Wakra Hospital

Acute Geriatrics and Orthogeriatric Consultation Service: 
A geriatric consultant service is available at Al Wakra Hospital both for Acute Geriatrics and for Orthogeriatrics. The service provides comprehensive geriatric assessment to elderly patients with complex medical problems, including hip fractures.

Rumailah Hospital

Acute Assessment Units 
The unit carries out assessments and treatment of frail and elderly patients who have multiple, often complex problems. Patients have usually been referred from Hamad General Hospital’s Emergency Department and Rumailah Hospital’s Elderly Day Care Unit. The unit provides all the diagnostic and therapeutic services available at Rumailah Hospital. The service aims to provide specialist assessment following any critical incident in order to reduce the need for hospital admission. Important features are early senior geriatrician review, rapid diagnostics, a multidisciplinary team and a seven-day service in an inpatient elderly friendly set up.

Long term Care Units
Currently inpatient long-term care services are provided at Rumailah Hospital, Enaya Specialized Care Center, Daam Specialized Care Center and HMC’s Residential Care Compound (RCC). Together these facilities can accommodate around 425 complex patients who require prolonged nursing and medical care post brain injury, heart attacks, traffic accidents etc.  The facility has specialized staff who deliver comprehensive care and can help patients wean off supportive devices including feeding tubes, breathing tubes etc., and regain as much functional independence as possible.

Geriatric urgent daycare services
A 12-bedded Elderly Day Care Unit provides specialist care for people above the age of 60 years with medical problems that are not life threatening but need urgent medical attention. Patients attending this unit have access to Rapid Assessment and management by the specialist geriatric multidisciplinary team in a less busy and age friendly setting. The service is open from 7 am to 10 pm daily. Older patients can contact the unit on 33253128 or 55193240 to book appointments.