Hamad International Training Center (HITC) provides essential support services that are key to Hamad Medical Corporation's scientific and academic activities. HITC’s vision and mission are based on of improving, and contributing to the nation's overall health through the provision of quality training in trauma management, disaster management and resuscitation.

Hamad International Training Center prides itself by being the first of its kind in the Middle East. Since its inception, many healthcare professionals from Hamad Medical Corporation, other Public Health sectors, and the private health sector have undertaken training courses organized by HITC. Through national campaigns, such as Kulluna and Ghalai, HITC also plays an important role in bringing health and safety awareness and education into the community, spreading the message of public health and safety to a broad audience.

HITC has become a crucial corporate and national entity that supports growing needs at HMC level and at national level for a broad range of essential skills training courses aimed at doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare professionals. HITC continues to explore new venues and to leverage latest technology to fulfil its mission and to keep up with the increasing expectations from our community.

Thank you

Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal
Deputy Chief of Medical Officer

Director of Medical Education