Message from HITC Director

HITC Vision

HITC aims to provide high quality, relevant, evidence based, up-to-date, Resuscitation, clinical skills training and public education programs using the latest educational technology methodologies and tools to support of HMC’s vision and mission and general health and safety of the community.


  • To achieve excellence and leadership in education & health care training, resuscitation and research.
  • To provide high quality teaching, courses and programs through the ongoing development and support of instructors and candidates using appropriate, current, educational practices and skills.
  • To work closely with HMC’s clinical areas to evaluate the impact of training on HMC staff's performance and to ensure courses are relevant and positively affect patient care and staff development.
  • To regularly review and revise (if needed) all course and program content (in conjunction with accrediting bodies, if applicable) to ensure courses are evidence-based and in line with latest practice, and effective in improving clinical skills and patient outcomes.
  • To work within the community through outreach programs (such as Kulluna, Ghalai) to promote health and safety for everyone.