Some patients feel anxious during their visit to the doctor because they do not know all the details of the surgery and they are not aware of some of the information expected after the surgery, and this plays a decisive role in the success of the surgery, which may negatively affect the patient’s decision later.

This website will help the doctor and the patient at the same time to discuss any information related to the surgical work and its indications, which gives the patient a feeling of reassurance that they have a reliable source of information where they can access it directly when logging in at any time.

The information on this website is written in a simple, concise and clear manner in the common languages of English and Arabic and it is an attempt to help our patients understand their treatment. 

This information was reviewed by a consultant physician from each subspecialty in the Department of Ear, Nose, Throat, Larynx and Neck. But note that it cannot in any way be your way for you in diagnosis or treatment, so if any worrisome signs or symptoms appear, you should seek medical advice from the nearest health care center.