A combination of hereditary diabetes and the increase of unhealthy lifestyle choices directly contribute to the prevalence of child diabetes in Qatar. At HMC, we aim to provide children and their families with the education, treatment and support required to manage this disease; enabling them to live a healthy life.
Education as treatment
The single most important thing in the treatment of pediatric (child) diabetes is education. Children, parents and families all need educating on how to successfully manage the condition. Managing diabetes relies heavily on lifestyle changes such as incorporating a healthy diet and recommended levels of physical activity, along with correct usage of prescribed medication, underscoring the need for a strong educational foundation.
Educating the whole family
Family education is particularly important in the case of children because it is their parents, or other primary caregivers, who teach them life skills and organize their meals, provide opportunities for exercise and often administer their medication. Educating a child from an early age will give them the best possible chance of leading a healthy life and properly managing the condition as they grow and enter adulthood.
Resources for the family
HMC aims to provide you with information and educational tools to help you manage your child’s condition.