• 5/22/2024

    Doha: 22 May 2024 – The Oncology and Lymphedema Physiotherapy Department at Hamad Medical Corporation organized an awareness program for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer on May 17th entitled: “Enhancing the Quality of Life for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach.”

    Organized for the first time in Bayt Al Dhiyafah at Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, the program aims at raising awareness and educating patients, healthcare providers and professionals about the different aspects of head and neck cancers, treatment options, side-effects management, functional impairment , nutrition, social and mental support, and recovery care planning.

    Dr. Abdullah Al Ansari, Chief Medical Officer at HMC and Dr. Mohammad Shafi, Head of the Oncology & Lymphedema Physiotherapy Department, Dr. Mustafa Khalil, Senior Consultant and Chair of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Majid Al Abdullah, Consultant Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and several physicians and consultants attended the event.

    In his inaugural speech during the activities of this program, Dr. Abdullah Al Ansari praised the commitment of the The Oncology and Lymphedema Physiotherapy Department at HMC to enhance quality, not just achieve it, emphasizing the importance of this approach in improving patients' lives. Dr. Ansari stated: "Enhancing quality is not easy as it requires concerted efforts, which is what we do at HMC. We spare no effort in always working for the benefit of the patient. Enhancing quality should be evident in all aspects of the treatment and recovery process, constantly questioning what we can improve and add, all through dedication and a high sense of responsibility."

    The program was attended by more than 60 patients and head and neck survivors alongside their families. The program involved discussions between patients, survivors and the medical teams and provided answers for their inquiries about head and neck cancers and related information and created communication between patients and survivors to share experiences and spread hope in defeating the disease.

    The awareness program included presentations delivered by several specialists from different departments including head and neck surgery, Radiation Oncology, speech therapy, physiotherapy and lymphedema, and nutrition. Several patients spoke about their treatment journey and the different aspects and expressed their happiness about receiving treatment at HMC and the positive impact of enhancing the quality of their lives. The program concluded with a panel discussion session to share experiences between participants.

    Dr. Mohammad Shafi spoke about the importance of organizing the program as it enhances the quality of life for patients. “At the The Oncology and Lymphedema Physiotherapy Department, we have gained a wide experience that is worth sharing. This event represents an opportunity for gathering and exchanging experiences and is also important for patients to receive valuable information.” Said Dr. Al Shafi.

    He added “It is also a great opportunity for patients to interact with experts of different specialties to express their happiness outside the busy clinic hours as well as understand their strengths and develop strategies to strengthen their weaknesses as we advise valuable patients to becomes Ambassadors of this program so that they can share this valuable information to others suffering from such diseases.”

    Dr. Mustafa Khalil, Senior Consultant stressed the importance of post-surgery rehabilitation which is considered critical for head, neck or jaw cancer recovery and is key to enhance the quality of life for patients in many aspects including enhancing movement, pain management and mental health to enable them to return to their normal and healthy life.

    Dr. Majid Al Abdullah, Consultant Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery said that seeing many familiar faces of patients attending the event and trusting HMC and its staff to receive treatment is a source of pride. He stated that head and neck cancer treatment and recovery is not an easy matter but seeing patients gaining back their normal life after recovery is a joyful matter.