• 2/27/2024

    Doha, 26 February 2024 – Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has proudly announced its outstanding support towards the delivery of a safe and successful AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, having treated more than 2,500 patients over the course of the tournament.

    To support the health and safety of all participants and attendees, HMC deployed a team of 1150 skilled medical professionals in various roles including communications officers, paramedics, doctors and nurses. This dedicated workforce covered all nine stadiums hosting the tournament, ensuring that medical assistance was readily available before, during and after every match.

    50 medical clinics were distributed throughout the tournament stadiums and operational during the matches. Each stadium also featured dedicated paramedics in the stands and concourse areas, supported by medical golf carts for any patients requiring transfer to the medical clinics. To ensure maximum safety, major incident medical trucks were also present during each match to respond to any large accidents that may have occurred. Most patients had only minor injuries or illnesses and were given medical care at the scene or in the dedicated on-site medical clinics. Of the all the patients treated, less than 200 required further assessment and treatment and were transferred directly to hospital from the stadium by HMC’s Ambulance Service. With a fleet of various medical vehicles and a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals, HMC was fully prepared for any medical case or emergency, providing rapid response and high-quality care on-site and at hospital where required.

    Commending the outstanding work of HMC staff during the tournament Mr. Saleh Nasser R A Al-Meqareh, Assistant Executive Director for Event and Emergency Planning at Hamad Medical Corporation, expressed the organization's commitment to upholding the highest standards of medical care during the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023. “HMC was honored to play a key role in such a prestigious international tournament and showcase the quality and efficiency of Qatar’s public healthcare system to the world. The tournament was a momentous event for our country and we were fully committed to ensuring the wellbeing of everyone involved.”

    He added that “HMC’s dedication, expertise and readiness to respond to any medical concern was instrumental in providing a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for everyone involved. Our team worked tirelessly around the clock to provide immediate medical attention to those in need. The success of our operations during the tournament is a testament to their hard work and the effectiveness of our response protocols."

    In an outstanding display of operational excellence and healthcare coordination, it is not just the physical presence during each tournament that makes HMC’s delivery of world-class healthcare so impressive. Behind the scenes, HMC’s National Healthcare Incident Command Centre (NHICC) was at the forefront of active care management during the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 as it hosted and operated the tournament’s Medical Command Center (MCC). Operating 24/7, the MCC ensured coordinated access to healthcare to over 2,630 athletes and personnel, showcasing its pivotal role in the seamless execution of this large-scale international event.

    The operations were instrumental in delivering precise care coordination, leveraging the robust partnership between Aspetar Hospital and Hamad Medical Corporation’s Hospital Departments and Ambulance Service. This collaboration facilitated a comprehensive and agile healthcare response mechanism, capable of addressing the dynamic needs of the tournament's athletes and staff.

    The value of the MCC to the tournament and the wider community was significant. Through its meticulous planning and execution, the MCC not only safeguarded the health of the athletes and personnel but significantly contributed to the overall success of the tournament, reinforcing the importance of integrated healthcare systems in supporting major international sporting events.

    “HMC’s NHICC integrated the MCC into its framework while continuing to manage Qatar's healthcare system's reaction to major incidents. This relationship assured preparedness for all possible scenarios, guaranteed provisions for service and fulfilled the community's requirements and expectations throughout the tournament” said Mr. Mohammed Al-Feel, Assistant Executive Director of Major Incident Preparedness and Resilience.

    The successful deployment of HMC during the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 is a clear indication of Qatar's ability to host major international events, with world-class medical services ready to support the health and safety of all.

    For more information about HMC and its initiatives, please visit www.hamad.qa