• 5/29/2023
    Doha (QNA) - Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) called on students who are about to take the end-of-semester exams for the second semester, which starts Sunday, to avoid the anxiety and tension that they experience during that period, highlighting the importance of being careful to follow a healthy diet to help them focus and easily retrieve information to pass the exams successfully. 

    For her part, Executive Director of Clinical and Service Development with HMC's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Dr. May Al Muraisi said that students' anxiety is considered a normal condition during the exam period, noting that families should deal with the symptoms of this anxiety in order not to lead to more stress and fear that results in negative thoughts that may affect students' performance in exams. 

    The key to overcoming students' anxiety during exams begins with boosting the students' self-confidence, and reinforcing their positive thinking, she added. 

    Dr. Al Muraisi provided students with psychological advice in the framework of maintaining their best performance during the exam period, the most important of which is exercise for its role in maintaining psychological stability and increasing self-confidence before and during exams, as well as doing deep breathing exercises to relieve stress, and performing their daily prayers, indicating that the spiritual aspect is a key factor in enhancing a sense of reassurance and psychological comfort. 

    In regard to the responsibility of the students' guardians, she said that parents have the responsibility to provide psychological support to their children during this period, as well as providing appropriate family conditions to ensure a calm atmosphere inside the home, in addition to motivating children and providing them with moral support. 

    Regarding the mechanism of dealing with younger students, Dr. Al Muraisi affirmed that parents must engage in calming conversations with their children to reduce their feelings of fear and anxiety, assure them that these feelings are normal during this period, and encourage them to enhance their self-confidence. 

    She pointed out the important role of guardians and parents during this period of the academic year, indicating that the role of the family promotes positive thinking among students and dispels feelings of anxiety, especially among children, in addition to the importance of giving them a short break during study and a snack that helps them regain their activity and overcome the psychological pressure that they may feel during the exam period. (QNA