• 6/13/2023
    Doha: June 12 2023: Hamad Medical Corporation held the 3rd Qatar annual hematology symposium from 2 to 3 June, 2023 at Marriott Marquis – Doha. This year, the symposium focused on Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/ Leukemia and the latest advances and research in diagnosis and treatment.   

    Dr. Mohamed Salem Al Hassan, the Medical and Executive Director of the National Centre for Cancer Care and Research opened the symposium with the attendance of international and local leaders in hematology such as Dr. Sayed Hasan Radwi, Senior Consultant in Hematology at HMC and Professor Ali Bazarbashi from the American University in Beirut and Dr. Mariana Graham, Chief of Cytogenetics and Hematology Department at Barts Health NHS UK and Professor Rov Andreas Kolozic, Professor of Pediatric Hematology at Heidelberg, Germany and Dr. Marco Ruela from Pennsylvania, USA.

    Dr. Halima Al Omari Conference Chairperson and Senior Consultant Hematology at NCCCR said the gathering represented an exciting platform for knowledge exchange with the delegates in clinical and scientific advancements in the field of leukemia and acute lymphoma. 

    Dr. Halima added that the first day of the symposium featured lectures on disease diagnosis in children and elderly patients and the second day witnessed an exchange of expertise between healthcare professionals in Qatar and Arab countries such as KSA and Oman in addition to workshops for laboratory physicians and technicians. 

    Dr. Halima stated in the lecture she presented about acute lymphoma in adults in Qatar, that the outcomes of hematology treatment in HMC achieved a high percentage of recovery in the past five years which is considered a positive indicator for HMC treatment strategy as a result of using new and non-chemical medications in the preventive treatment and directed treatment and bone marrow implant. 

    Dr. Halima stated that the percentage of acute lymphoma in children is higher compared to the elderly and its risk factors include family history of the disease, chronic infections and exposure to chemical materials and radiation. 

    The acute lymphoma is a cancer that affects blood and bone marrow which produces white blood cells. 
    The symptoms include gum bleeding, bone pain, fever, frequent or severe nose bleeding, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, under arms, or in the abdomen or groin that cause lumps, pale skin, shortness of breath, weakness and overall fatigue.