• 6/19/2023
    Doha 18 June, 2023 – The Ophthalmology department at Hamad Medical Corporation has started a new refractive technique called Femto Smile, to treat patients with mild presbyopia by improving the way of light rays focusing on the retina. This technique is the most advanced, safe and smooth technique for vision correction and requires less recovery time and helps patients to stop using glasses or contact lenses in some cases. 
    Dr. Adeya Al Harami, Senior Consultant in Ophthalmology at HMC stated that visual correction procedures and refractive surgeries have been developed recently, and Femto Smile is one of the recent Lasik techniques to improve vision levels in patients.  

    “Femto Smile is proven to be an effective technique for treating presbyopia. It enables us to treat severe levels of presbyopia and astigmatism. It also maintains the thickness and cornea nerves and does not cause any pain during and post-procedure. This technique ensures no damage or dryness of the eyes and reduces the possibility of eye infections and helps in quick recovery.”     

    “Femto Smile takes between 10-20 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia and is considered one of the safest visual correction procedures. With this new technique, the cornea incision heals and returns to its normal condition without any stitching, which is soothing for patients and allows them to be l side-effect free and have a remarkable improvement in their vision.”