• 8/8/2023

    Doha, 7 August 2023: More than 11,000 people visited the health and safety campaign Kulluna for a Healthy Heart at Doha Festival City and Place Vendome last month, learning about the importance of taking simple measures to ensure better health.

    A collaboration between Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), ConocoPhilips and Kulluna, members of the public visiting the malls had access to free health consultations as well as practical health advice from physicians.

    At the booths, visitors learned about BMI’s impact on heart health, effective management of cholesterol and blood sugar, safe medicine usage, the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle, the dangers of smoking, the connection between obesity and heart disease, and the risks associated with high blood sugar.

    Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Community Engagement at the Hamad International Training Center, Dr. Mahmoud Younis said people were able could undergo simple health tests including blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, and BMI assessments.

    “The teams and advised on the importance of having a healthy heart, while emphasizing that heart disease and related deaths are preventable and highlighting the role people play in reducing their risks for heart diseases. Blood pressure, blood glucose, weight and height measures are taken and discussed with each participant,” Dr. Younis said.

    At Doha Festival City more than 6500 people were seen by the teams over the 14-day campaign meanwhile at Place Vendome 4500 visited over a nine-day period.

    Hamad International Training Center (HITC Acting Director Mr. Abdulhakeem Saif said: “These kinds of activity engage the public and educate them with the importance of wellbeing and wellness matters as part of HITC’s vision and our community engagement responsibilities. We and we would like to thank the HMC and our partners for their full support and assistance to make these kinds of events a success.”