• 10/26/2022

    Doha 26 October, 2022: Qatar’s public healthcare sector has united to launch an integrated wellbeing and wellness program accessible to all its employees, with the vision to engage their workforce by focusing on a people centric work culture and prioritizing employee wellbeing and wellness at the top of the agenda. 

    Following its successful implementation at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the program, led by Human Resources Departments, is being rolled out to include employees of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Primary Healthcare Corporation (PHCC). The Program expansion across the Public Health Sector was based on the directives from Ms. Fatima Haidar Hassan, HMC Chief Human Resources Officer and Chairperson of Public Health Sector HR Leadership Committee. In order to ensure successful implementation of this initiative, a dedicated and specialized team from HMC HR Employee Wellbeing and Wellness Department has worked tirelessly with their colleagues in these entities.

    Furthermore, the team will continue sharing their knowledge, expertise as well as providing the required support to their counterparts to keep the program evolving to meet employees’ expectations. 

    As part of the expanded program, staff of the these entities are offered the opportunity to take part in health screenings; online fitness coaching; group workplace fitness workshops; weight management and lifestyle modification programs and group education classes and workshops about issues such as nutrition, resilience, stress management, art of communication, leadership and coaching, and mental health, adopting a holistic wellness strategy to foster a culture of wellbeing and wellness in the workplace to support employees in all aspects of their wellbeing.

    Staff and their families will also be able to attend Family Days which include exciting activities and day trips to popular spots across Qatar.

    Furthermore, as part of the integration, the team is currently reviewing the existing policies related to employee wellbeing and wellness for better alignment towards accomplishment of the programs objectives.  

    Ms. Fatima Haidar Hassan, HMC Chief Human Resources Officer and Chairperson of Public Health Sector HR Leadership Committee, said the Employee wellbeing and wellness program has been a great success at HMC since it was launched and the project fully supports Qatar Vision 2030 and is aligned to the National Health Strategy.

    “Our goal is to empower our employees with health education and life skills that enable them to achieve their wellness goals. Creating an employee wellbeing and support system is considered an overarching way to build resiliency and enhance morale. It is essential that our employees maintain a clear state of mind and feel supported and cared for,” Ms. Haidar said. “At HMC, for those participating in the programs, we not only saw employees become more engaged and work better together as teams, we also had great feedback from them about all elements of the program. We look forward to working alongside our colleagues in the public healthcare sector to support our employees in their health and wellbeing goals.”

    Mr. Abdulla Ibrahim Al-Emadi, Undersecretary Assistant for Shared Services – Ministry of Public Health said: “As we have set strategic goals that are aligned with the organizational vision of the Ministry of Public Health, we are in full support of the initiatives that are being implemented by the selected senior leaders and active employees as representatives from across key departments who can help us improve the health and well-being of MOPH employees, enhance their engagement, and sustain a wellness culture.   Through these collective efforts, I believe that we will achieve our goal to fulfill the needs of our employees leading to greater satisfaction and engagement.” 

    Mr. Ghanim Ibrahim Al Mohannadi, HR Director - Ministry of Public Health said:  “Through our commitment to develop initiatives that will foster employee engagement, we have selected competent staff to be part of the committee to assess and identify each and everyone’s needs to be able to implement programs and activities that will boost welfare of all employees. The team will be dedicated to improving the wellbeing of employees to lead a healthy and balanced life. We aim to transform the organization into a more employee focused culture capable of contributing to achieving MOPH strategic goal of being a high-performing entity that motivates wellbeing and supports continuous development of each employee.“

    Dr. Salah Abdulla Alyafei, Acting Manager of Health Promotion & Non-Communicable diseases – Ministry of Public Health said: “In alignment with the National Health Strategy and the Public Health Strategy, this program comes as part of the ongoing efforts of the Ministry of Public Health to promote healthy lifestyle and encourage the employees to adopt healthy behaviors to improve their health.”, Dr. Alyafei said. “This program aims to improve the wellbeing of the employees by raising their knowledge and improving their behaviors in relation to nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation and stress management”. 

    Mr. Musallam Mubarak Al Nabit, Assistant Managing Director - Administration & Corporate Services, PHCC said: “The PHCC Employee Wellbeing and Wellness Steering Committee’s aim is to foster a culture of wellbeing through employee-focused initiatives such as creating supporting systems and teams to enhance employee motivation and satisfaction, fostering high inclusivity and diversity, and leadership engagement.” 

    Ms. Al Anoud Al Naemi, Human Resources Director of PHCC, also the Chair of Steering Committee for PHCC Employee Wellbeing and Wellness said:  “We are pleased to drive the initiative of creating a healthy workplace, in addition to the NHS ‘Healthy and Safe Employee’ initiative, to help enhance staff motivation and commitment. We shall work on a strategic plan to engage employees into active participation in the continuous transformation of PHCC towards achieving and maintaining best standards.”