• 10/5/2022

    Doha, 4 October 2022: Hamad Medical Corporation’s Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine section under clinical Imaging is organizing a week-long of activities from 2 to 6 October 2022 to mark this year’s World Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week to educate and make the public aware of the importance and availability of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging services at HMC. This campaign also seeks to celebrate a great milestone in the history of the modality as this year marks 40 years of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging service in the country.  

    To educate the public about the important role of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in patients’ care, information booths will be set up on Sunday and Monday at Ambulatory Care Center and on Tuesday and Wednesday at the National Center for Cancer Care. Other vital information such as available services in the department and how to access Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at HMC will be offered to hospitals’ visitors and staff.

    “Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging section under Clinical Imaging is committed to providing the best possible service to patients. Though we aim to assist as many patients as possible as we are the only provider of these services in the country,  we do not compromise on the quality and clinical value of our work, hence we always strive for high quality work which is of greater benefit to the patients.  We do all of this while keeping up with international standards of practice and seeking to achieve the vision and goals of Clinical Imaging and HMC. The clinical importance of this modality cannot be emphasized enough as it plays a major role in the diagnoses and treatment of patients.,” says Dr. Maryam Al Kuwari, chief radiologist for Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. 

    She states that HMC is currently the only provider of Nuclear Medicine services for both adults and children in Qatar. “Being the only provider of these services in a country of a population of over 2.5 million people, the demand becomes very high. Due to this high demand, constant growth and expansion of the service is deemed a necessity. It is therefore vital to recognize and appreciate the progress made in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging over the years and also highlight the current services on offer. We will take a walk down memory lane to appreciate our humble beginnings, where it all started for us and then evaluate where we currently are and then take a glimpse into the future to see what to expect as part of our growth and expansion plan.” Dr. Maryam Al Kuwari. 

    According to her, 1983 was the year the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging started in Qatar. “It was in this year that the first Nuclear Medicine Department was established in Qatar at Hamad General Hospital (HGH) where it was previously a dental department. The first gamma camera installed was a single head gamma camera operated by 2 technologists and 1 Nuclear Medicine physician reporting the scans with an average of 4 patients daily.” she recalls.

    Dr. Maryam Al Kuwari states that since the historic opening of Nuclear Medicine in the country 40 years ago, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging has seen tremendous growth with the upgrade and expansion of services into other hospitals such as National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR).  Today the modality has a dedicated Nuclear Cardiac service in NCCCR for the diagnoses of conditions such as myocardial infarction and ischemia with an average of 2000 patients annually since 2015. Other services include the treatment of conditions such as Thyroid cancer and Thyrotoxicosis with radioactive Iodine 131. As part of the growth strategy, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging opened up a PET CT Center in 2012 which has since being a major diagnostic tool in the diagnoses and management of oncology patients. 

    “We are proud with the progress we have made over the years and thankful to all the individuals who contributed enormously to the growth of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. It is through their dedication and commitment that we have reached these heights. We look forward to another possible 40 years of growth and service to the nation.” Dr. Maryam Al Kuwari.