• 10/23/2022

    Doha, 23 October 2022: Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital announced that 10,000 surgeries have been successfully performed at the Hospital in a span of two years. The surgeries covered several specialties, including urology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and urgent surgeries. The hospital has recently celebrated this achievement in the presence of Mr. Ali Al Janahi, HMC’s Acting Assistant Managing Director, Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari, HMC’s Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of Surgery, Mr. Hussein Ishaq, CEO of Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital, ‏Dr. Ahmad Al Mohammed, Medical Director of Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital, as well as a number of surgeons, physicians and hospital staff members.   

    Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari explained that performing 10,000 surgeries at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital within 24 months is a remarkable achievement and an important milestone in the hospital’s successful journey of development and improvement. Performing this number of surgeries in such a short timeframe reflects the hard work and dedication of the hospital’s administration and distinguished team of surgeons. This is despite the temporary cessation of surgical activity for several non-consecutive months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the strict adherence to precautionary measures, which enabled the hospital to conduct emergency surgeries only during certain periods.    

    “This achievement supports HMC’s plans to maintain the highest levels of service through continuous improvement of the quality of care provided to patients and the adoption of the best internationally recognized practices, as well as the use of the latest surgical techniques to ensure the delivery of safe, compassionate and effective health care to all patients. I would like to congratulate the hospital’s administration and staff of surgical departments for this remarkable achievement, which I believe will motivate them as well as all other departments of the hospital to achieve more successes in the future,” said Dr. Al Ansari.   

    Dr. Morshed Ali Salah, Senior Consultant, Surgery and Head of the Surgery and Urology Departments at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital explained that 50% of the 10,0000 surgeries were performed in the Urgent Surgery section, while urological surgeries constituted 25% of the total number of surgeries and orthopedic and plastic surgeries constituted the remaining 25%. The surgeries were performed on patients aged between 18 and 80 years. Dr. Morshed noted that the Hospital’s six operating rooms run at 85% capacity and are staffed with a team of 35 surgeons who perform around 600 surgeries every month. The average waiting time for non-urgent surgeries does not exceed two weeks.  

    Dr. Morshed explained that urological surgeries include surgeries for removing kidney stones and urinary tract stones using endoscopes, high-precision lasers, and surgical robots. In addition, the hospital offers highly advanced lithotripsy procedures where stones are broken up by shock waves from outside the body after locating them precisely with ultrasound for kidney stones or x-rays for ureteral stones cases. Urological surgeries also include procedures for the treatment of the prostate and urethral stricture, and the surgical removal of kidney stones through abdominal incision with a maximum diameter of only one centimeter. Around 80% of urological surgeries are performed in a day care setting, where patients can leave the hospital after 23 hours of surgery and receive follow-up care later in the outpatient clinics.

    “Urgent surgeries performed at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital include appendectomy, gallbladder removal, hernia repair and hemorrhoids surgeries, while orthopedic procedures include arthroscopy, spine surgeries, and fracture surgeries. About 25% of urgent, orthopedic and plastic surgeries are performed in a day care setting. We are currently planning to introduce ENT surgery at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital in the coming period. These achievements could not have been possible without the continuous support of HMC management and the hospital administration and the close cooperation between our surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses,” added Dr. Morshed.  

    Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital is a teaching hospital that offers training to medical students from Qatar University, as well as residency and fellowship programs for medical graduates in different specialties. In addition, surgical departments at the hospital published 96 medical research papers in the past three years.