• 9/29/2021
    Doha, 29 September, 2021: Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Nursing Informatics Department has received the International ISO accreditation for quality management systems (ISO 9001:2015) from BSI (The British Standards Institution), a leading national standards body, which is considered the highest internationally recognized standard for quality management. The accreditation has been awarded to the Nursing Informatics Department in recognition of its central role in providing high quality services through the use of nursing informatics technologies to support healthcare improvement, IT training for nurses, and research. 

    The ISO accreditation certificate was presented by His Excellency Mr. Jon Wilks, British Ambassador to Qatar, to Dr. Wasmiya Dalhem Al-Kuwari, Executive Director of Nursing Informatics Department at HMC, in a special ceremony held at HMC’s Bayt Al Dhiyafah on the 9th September. Present at the event were a number of senior HMC leaders and staff of the Nursing Informatics Department, as well as a representative of the accreditation company. 

    Dr. Wasmiya Al-Kuwari said she was both happy and proud of this achievement, which was a result of the efforts of her team to implement the internationally recognized quality standards of the ISO across the department. “Achieving the ISO accreditation is the culmination of our continued efforts to develop and improve the services delivered to nursing teams at HMC,” said Dr. Al-Kuwari.  

    “The process of obtaining the ISO accreditation has gone through multiple stages, including study and assessment, preparations for the implementation process, quality system documentation, implementation of documented quality system standards, internal auditing, and eventually external inspection. This rigorous process highlights the Nursing Informatics Department’s commitment to meeting the highest quality standards and its ability to provide high-quality, effective services to nursing teams across HMC,” added Dr. Al-Kuwari.  

    His Excellency Mr. Jon Wilks, British Ambassador to Qatar said: “I am delighted that the British Standards Institute has been your trusted partner throughout your journey to achieving ISO 9001 certification. I was pleased to see for myself how your focus on quality will lead to improved healthcare delivery for patients in Qatar.” 

    Ms Wahag El Mashear Mahgoub., Project Manager at HMC’s Nursing Informatics Department, said that achieving the ISO accreditation marks an important milestone for the Department and adds a new success to its outstanding record of achievements. “The ISO accreditation reflects our Department’s commitment to applying the highest international standards and the international recognition will place it among the best in this unique professional specialization,” said Ms. Wahg Al Mashaer.   

    Obtaining the ISO accreditation can benefit organizations and institutions in many different ways, the most important of which is maintaining the quality of services through periodic reviews of service delivery methods and continued improvement of service delivery, as well as documentation of the improved policies and methods for future use. The ISO system is an important tool to ensure that corrective appropriate actions are taken when necessary and at the same time prevent recurrence of adverse events. Furthermore, the ISO system helps in identifying administrative responsibilities and terms of reference and establishes a statistical method through which information systems can be evaluated and understood to contribute to decision making. It also helps ensure that quality standards are applied and meet the needs of both service providers and clients.