• 11/10/2021

    Doha, 10 November 2021: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has launched first-of-its-kind maternal and child health microsite https://www.hamad.qa/EN/your%20health/Pages/default.aspx featuring contents about women’s and children’s health promotion and diseases prevention.

    The microsite is an online resource for women aged from 15 years and above seeking evidence-based and proven information about female reproductive health, pregnancy, perinatal mental health, breastfeeding, newborn’s and young children’s health in addition to information about antenatal services that are available across all primary health care centers, and prenatal and postnatal services in all HMC’s maternity hospitals and Sidra Medicine. 

    The online resource was launched to align with one of the goals of the National Health Strategy 2018-2022 prioritizing women of childbearing age in order to help, inform and empower them to lead healthier lives by providing them with high quality maternal care that enables them to take care of themselves and their children.

    The microsite that can be accessed through HMC’s main website (hamad.qa) contains important health tips for health and wellbeing in pregnancy, relevant information leaflets and fliers as well as a listing of frequently asked questions about giving birth, breastfeeding and infection prevention in pregnancy. It also features educational videos and infographics on maternal and child health in addition to links to relevant publications, posters and other information that would hopefully benefit the users.

    Dr. Najat Ali Mohsen Khenyab, NHS 2018-2022 National Lead for Healthy Women Leading to Healthy Pregnancies, describes the launch of the microsite as an important milestone in achieving part of the National Health Strategy 2018-2022 national goal of ‘Healthy Women Leading to Healthy Pregnancies’.  “The National Health Strategy emphasizes that women within the reproductive age bracket need to be supported as they journey through adolescence to motherhood. By prioritizing women within the reproductive age group, we want to ensure they are provided with holistic care with the aim of improving their health through education and awareness about their own bodies for early diagnosis and prevention of diseases as they prepare for childbearing and motherhood,” she states.

    She explains that the information on the microsite are tailored to answer some of the major concerns among women of childbearing age. “I believe users will find the microsite very useful as the contents are customized to their needs in addition to details about how to access antenatal and prenatal services across the PHCC, HMC and Sidra Medicine,” says Dr. Khenyab, who is also the Deputy Medical Director of Women’s Wellness and Research Center and Head of Feto Maternal Unit at HMC. 

    According to her, other aims of NHS 2018-2022 are to improve the capability to monitor causes of maternal complications, introducing national protocols and guidelines for maternity care including infertility and cesarian sections, introducing a midwifery care service and providing integrated high-quality maternity services across the various stages of pregnancy, during and after delivery.

    “The launch of the maternal and child health microsite apart from being part of our plans to achieve the national goal is also to improve maternal and child health education and to further reinforce our dedication to caring for Qatar’s women and their babies. With services ranging from reproductive health, to prenatal care, to obstetrics and gynecology and to newborn care, all maternity hospitals across HMC as well as Sidra Medicine follow international best practices and are committed to providing high-quality healthcare for women and their children,” adds Dr. Khenyab.