• 1/6/2021

    Doha, 6 January, 2021: Qatar’s health authorities have announced an update to the list of chronic diseases that are eligible for the issuance of medical certificates for patients who are at high risk of developing complications if they contract COVID-19. The update has been made as a result of recent medical developments concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Dr. Yousuf Al Maslamani, Medical Director of HMC’s Hamad General Hospital, said the lists of patients with chronic diseases have been reviewed by specialized committees from the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC). The latest medical findings about COVID-19 indicate that the effects of the virus on patients with certain types of chronic diseases are not different than its effects on other people. “Data of patients who meet the criteria for obtaining chronic condition certificates have been stored this week on the electronic health information system at HMC and PHCC. Chronic condition certificates can now be issued upon request in an easy and timely manner. The certificates will contain a barcode indicating the name of the patient and their QID number and will be officially accepted by all authorities in the country,” said Dr. Al Maslamani.

    Patients with chronic diseases who receive care at HMC or PHCC facilities and meet the new criteria for obtaining chronic condition certificates can now request these certificates through the ‘MyHealth’ patient portal.

    Patients who receive care at HMC or PHCC and have a valid health card can also request chronic condition certificates through an online request form available on the PHCC website. The certificates will be prepared and emailed to patients within 7 days of submitting the application.