• 1/3/2020

    Doha, 3 January, 2020: Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Health Professions Awareness and Volunteering Program recently organized workshops for school students during the first semester break from 22 December 2019 to 2 January 2020.

    Ms. Balqess Al Khazraji, Director of the Health Professions and Volunteering Program at HMC, said the workshops aimed to increase the students’ knowledge and motivate them to self-learn, while also providing them with important skill development in areas such as planning and goal setting.

    Nine workshops were held under a variety of titles such as Professional Planning, Discovering Health Professions, First Responder and Improving Lifestyle Skills. The workshops were held in Bayt al Dhiyafah, Medical Education Center and the Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center, all within HMC’s Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City. The workshops ran for between one and two weeks and at the end of each workshop, students received a training and volunteering certificate accredited by HMC.    

    The Discovering Health Profession workshop provided the students with an overview of the roles and jobs performed by various hospital staff, including doctors, nurses and other support professions, and also explained the role of different medical equipment. The First Responder workshop covered a wide range of topics including how to deal with medical emergencies, CPR techniques and basic first aid. 

    The workshop also increased safety in the community by training students how to be ready to respond to emergencies at any time. The workshop concluded with a presentation on the importance of health awareness in the home and the community.