• 12/1/2020

    Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad: the recognition is a gesture of appreciation for the efforts and hard work of all HMC staff. 

    Doha, 1 December, 2020: Under the patronage of the Indian Embassy in Doha, the Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) recognized Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad, Medical Director of HMC’s Rumailah Hospital and Qatar Rehabilitation Institute, for her efforts and commitment to supporting laborers in Qatar. Dr. Al Hamad was presented with the ICBF Special Appreciation Award by the Ambassador of India to the State of Qatar, His Excellency Dr. Deepak Mittal, at the ICBF Day 2020 event, which was held last Saturday. 

    Dr. Al Hamad thanked HE the Ambassador of India, the President of ICBF in Qatar, and all ICBF members for their efforts to promote cooperation between the Indian community and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). She said the recognition she received is a gesture of appreciation for the efforts and hard work of all HMC staff who work tirelessly to deliver the safest, most effective and most compassionate healthcare to the laborers in Qatar.

    “I am honored to be here with you in the annual ceremony of the ICBF. I was pleased to take part in fruitful discussions with the ICBF and to learn more about the social services it provides to laborers of the Indian community. We at Hamad Medical Corporation constantly cooperate with the ICBF to facilitate access for workers to healthcare services at the right time and place, including rehabilitation and long-term care services, by addressing language challenges and speeding up the processing of official correspondences,” said Dr. Al Hamad.  

    Dr. Al Hamad said that HMC provides its treatment and rehabilitation services to all patients irrespective of their nationality or profession and in accordance with the highest international standards. She explained that patients who require rehabilitative care are cared for at Qatar Rehabilitation Institute, while those with acute conditions that require long-term care receive care at the Enaya center or Rumailah Hospital and are offered all rehabilitation services, treatments, and rehabilitation equipment they require. The HMC community-based rehabilitation program also offers rehabilitation services to patients and provides them with the rehabilitation support they need to return to their work and daily life while facilitating follow-up care for them in Qatar Rehabilitation Institute’s OPD clinics. Moreover, HMC collaborates with the ICBF to facilitate the repatriation of patients who prefer to return to their home country by providing them with everything they need, such as medication, medical devices, detailed medical report and treatment plan, to ensure they can complete their treatment in their home country. 

    “In some cases, we arrange to have the patient accompanied by a medical team from HMC on the journey back to his/her country to ensure the continuity of care for the patient. The team also coordinates with the patient’s treating physician in his home country and educates the patient’s family on the best ways to care for the patient,” added Dr. Al Hamad.