• 4/10/2020

    One week after being designated as a COVID-19 treatment facility, Hazm Mebeireek General Hospital (HMGH) is continuing to expand its capacity to provide high-quality medical care for patients with the virus. 

    Opened at the end of 2018, HMGH was built as a 118-bed general hospital providing a wide range of specialist healthcare services for male patients. Since being designated as a COVID-19 treatment facility, hospital teams have been working tirelessly to expand capacity. 

    “The spread of COVID-19 in Qatar has placed a set of unique demands on HMC’s hospital network. By designating HMGH as a COVID-19 hospital, it enables HMC to provide high quality care for the majority of patients with the virus in one single facility. The transformation of the hospital has already resulted in a significant increase in the total bed capacity – rising from an original 118 bed capacity to 147 beds one week after the crisis began, and now to our current capacity of 267 beds. Should the need arise in the future we have the ability to further increase capacity up to 560 beds as well as establish a dedicated COVID-19 Emergency Department with capacity for 65 beds,” said Executive Director of HMGH Mr. Hussein Al Ishaq.

    Part of the plan is to maximize the capacity at HMGH which includes the activation of an Emergency Portable Tent with 65 additional emergency beds. This tent is now operational and provides significantly expanded capacity for emergency care should it be needed. 

    To further increase capacity within HMGH, a field hospital is currently under construction that will soon provide an additional 274 inpatient beds.

    The hospital’s expansion has a specific focus on increasing the number of Intensive Care Unit beds, to ensure the capacity is available to provide medical care for patients with severe symptoms. 

    “In the early stages of transforming HMGH into its new role as a COVID-19 facility, we have boosted our Intensive Care Unit capacity to 50 beds. Should it be needed in the future, we can rapidly increase this to 221 intense care beds. This is an essential part of our ability to treat COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms. 
    Within our Intensive Care Units, we have equipment to treat and monitor patients and higher levels of staffing than other hospital units to provide one-on-one care, if needed,” said Medical Director for COVID-19 at HMGH Dr. Ahmed Ali Al Mohammed. 

    “Our teams have worked hard over the past few weeks to ensure all necessary changes are in place to enable us to fulfil this vital role in treating male and female patients of all nationalities with COVID-19 at HMGH. The hospital’s new role is a central element of HMC’s overall strategy to ensure we can manage any potential future increase in the number of COVID-19 patients requiring medical care,’’ explained Mr Al Ishaq. 

    All ambulatory services at HMGH have been temporarily suspended until further notice. The hospital’s Emergency Department remains open as normal to treat life-threatening emergency medical conditions.