• 10/9/2019

    Doha, 8 October, 2019: During the past ten days, teams from Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Ambulance Service have participated in the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019, providing medical and first-aid cover for athletes, tournament staff, and spectators, thus contributing to the success of this major sporting event. 

    During the five nights of events held on the Corniche, teams from HMC’s Ambulance Service cared for 104 athletes, including one who required transport to hospital, and during the ten days of events held at Khalifa International Stadium, teams cared for four athletes, and 246 spectators and tournament staff, including 22 individuals who required transport to hospital for further treatment.
    Staff from HMC’s Ambulance Service were supported by medical and nursing teams from HMC’s network of Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units, Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital, and Qatar Red Crescent, all of whom were at the ready to care for the almost 2,000 participating athletes and thousands of spectators. Mr. Saleh M. Al Marri, Assistant Executive Director, HMC's Ambulance Service, said his organization was keen to provide emergency care assistance at a number of the World Athletics Championship venues, noting it was the first time such event has been held in the Middle East.
    “We provided paramedic and ambulance services at several World Athletics Championships venues, including Khalifa International Stadium, and during the midnight marathons held on the Corniche. Our teams were also positioned to provide emergency medical and ambulance services at a number of athletes’ accommodations and to tournament staff, referees, and guests. Our teams were placed around the city, including at local hotels and other venues frequented by athletes, tournament staff, and spectators,” said Mr. Al Marri.
    “Each year our Ambulance Service provides essential support to dozens of events across the country, providing not only first-aid but also rapid response to medical emergencies,” added Mr. Al Marri.
    During the tournament, the Ambulance Services team comprised 435 medical staff, including critical care paramedics, supervisors, communications officers, and operations officials, all ready to care for potential patients in a range of emergency and non-emergency situations.
    According to Mr. Al Marri, the Ambulance Service’s participation at the World Athletics Championships was the culmination of nearly 15 months of planning and collaboration with several organizers, including medical partners. 

    “In addition to providing medical and ambulance services to tournament participants and staff, Ambulance Service teams were also on hand to care for spectators, with popup medical clinics strategically positioned throughout various event locations and staffed by doctors and nurses. HMC teams also provided physical therapy and massage services to participating athletes,” stated Mr. Al Marri.
    Mr. Al Marri noted that HMC’s Ambulance Service was highly visible during the champions, with 93 staff assigned to the events each day. HMC’s Ambulance Service taskforce was deployed at various event venues, included 16 ambulances, 5 quick intervention vehicles, 2 Major Incident Management Vehicles, 2 buses equipped to care for patients with minor illnesses and injuries, 2 communication vehicles, 9 electric golf cars, 8 bicycles, and 12 popup medical clinics, all strategically placed to care for athletes, staff, and spectators.