• 12/8/2019

    Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement (CPESE) recently held its tenth annual Stars of Excellence awards ceremony, awarding top honors to 29 winning projects.

    A team from HMC’s Heart Hospital won this year’s Managing Director’s Special Award and received the Stars of Excellence Award for their project entitled ‘Embedded Sustainability in Value Improvement Work’, which was submitted in the Health category, Quality and Patient Safety subcategory.
    Commenting on the achievement, Professor William McKenna, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Heart Hospital said: "This success is the outcome of a long journey full of challenges and opportunities. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this achievement. At Heart Hospital we are proud of the high-quality healthcare services we provide to patients with heart conditions in Qatar. We are committed to continuously expanding and improving our services to ensure the care we provide is among the very best in the world.”

    “Led by the Office for Performance Improvement team at Heart Hospital, the value improvement project aims to increase value – improving quality while maintaining or even reducing costs. The team has been working on this initiative for almost two years and the process has passed through many phases during that time, including testing and implementation. The value improvement project has been successfully implemented, making Heart Hospital only the second hospital in the world to apply this approach,” explained Professor McKenna. 

    Dr. Nidal Ahmad Asaad, Chairman of Cardiology at Heart Hospital, expanded upon the significance of the project.

    “Heart Hospital’s Office for Performance Improvement has worked with the US-based Institute for Healthcare Improvement to develop a new approach to quality improvement, known as ‘value improvement’. This approach uses improvement science and three new concepts: a ‘box score’ of measures, a ‘visual management board’, and weekly staff huddles to drive very rapid improvement,” said Dr. Nidal.

    “This approach is highly effective. It has a great impact on patient care and patient satisfaction as it allows the provision of timely and effective care and a well-coordinated, patient-centered approach to care. It has also resulted in a sustainable reduction in the total number of blood samples sent from inpatient units, improved time management for staff, and ultimately cost reduction,” added Dr. Nidal.

    The value improvement approach is now operational on nine units at Heart Hospital – High Dependency Unit A, High Dependency Unit B, High Dependency Unit C, High Dependency Unit D, the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit, the Non-Invasive Cardiology Unit, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and the Facilities Maintenance and Safety Department. The initiative will be expanded to three more units in January 2020. 
    “Heart Hospital leadership has been sufficiently impressed by the success of this initiative and has decided to make value improvement a central element of the way we deliver quality improvement at our hospital,” added Dr. Nidal.