• 12/27/2017
    Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) three new hospitals have been planned and built using a state-of-the-art patient-friendly design and unique safety features, all aimed to create the very best healing environment. Mr. Hamad Al Khalifa, Chief of Health Facilities Development at HMC, stated that while the new hospitals contain design features found in high-end hotels, patient safety was the ultimate priority, with the facilities designed to the highest standards of patient safety. He added that key considerations in the design of patient rooms include the latest infection control measures, regulated lighting conditions, and air quality and noise level monitoring.

    “Hospital visits can be stressful so throughout the design process we have worked hard to ensure the facilities offer a calm and relaxing environment for patient and visitors,” said Mr. Al Khalifa. “Research has shown that hospital environment and ambiance are important factors in achieving high-patient satisfaction. This incentivized us to ensure we incorporated design features that represent a focus on healing and recovery. We wanted to deliver more than clinically effective treatment facilities; we wanted environments where patients can feel more comfortable and that enables them to recover as quickly as possible.”

    The three hospitals have large windows that permit natural sunlight to enter patient rooms.  Spacious corridors and high ceilings allow for better air circulation. Most of the wards also have large private rooms with ensuite washroom facilities, ample closet space and in-room televisions to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible. Attractively landscaped gardens also provide patients and visitors with the opportunity to get some fresh air and light exercise.
    The design of the new hospitals also considers the importance of communication, with technology being used to support open and timely communication with patients and their families. Digital screens are also planned and will be used for wayfinding and to support the delivery of clinical information.

    Professor Adam Cairns, CEO of the new Medical City Hospitals, highlighted the special role that healthcare providers play in serving patients and their families at some of the most challenging and critical times in their lives.

    “We have a duty of care to provide high standards of clinical and therapeutic treatments in a safe and professional way. But equally, there is enormous value in taking a holistic approach to promoting health by creating a soothing environment where we engage with our patients and their family members and understand the importance of their psychological well-being as much as their clinical needs,” said Professor Cairns.

    “It’s easy to feel unsettled during a stay in hospital; but if we can elevate a patient’s mood by offering a caring and compassionate service in attractive surroundings, this will enable them to rest better, helping them to heal faster and be discharged sooner so they can then continue to make a full recovery in the comfort of their own home,” explained Professor Cairns.